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Listen to the space hip hop remix of BONKERS by DIZZEE RASCAL by Kanye West’s new proteges!

If you like what you heard, then GOTO to download Aranes’ Debut Space Hip Hop EP!!


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New Kanye West proteges release Space Hip Hop Album!!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Pierre la Montagne, and I am the PR Marketing Assistant for the new found group who are under the wing of rapper/songwriter Kanye West.

By day they go by the names of Luke Kelechi Ojukwu and Sai Kofi Christian Wentum; but by night they use the pseudonyms Radian and Sai. Together they are known as ARANES, and they have come to you with a Special Delivery! So feel free to sit back, relax, and let your mind take a trip through space. And when your slumber is over, remember to “Pass the Parcel”.

There EP can be downloaded at:…

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Michael + Jackson = GENIUS! What has happened to the days of pure creativity in the music industry? Have music consumers being turned into commodities that consume whatever product there given? Even if its garbage? What do you think?


Are we ever going to see genius within the music industry again? Or are we forever going to be immersed with music that is marketed to clones that buy the same product over, and over again? I’m not too sure. I love a lot of commericial music, and I think its great. But I would really like to see some artists doing new things?

Am I the only one that thinks this?

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“We are the Sci – fi Hip Hop Masters of the Space Age”

Welcome to Aranes

Welcome to Aranes


There aren’t as many people listening to our music compared to the likes of Lady Gaga, or Kanye West. Sometimes it can become disheartening when you want to share your talent with the whole world within minutes; but can’t because you don’t have a £3,000,000 marketing budget.

But such negativity will not stop us.

As music 2.0 dawns, its clear to see that we are in the second (or third) phase of the music industry as we’ve known it. And as the independent artist becomes more powerful; it has become even harder to distinguish yourself from amongst other artists.

But we will not stop making the music that we desire to make.

To whoever is reading this. We invite you to come with us on a journey..For this isn’t just our journey, its yours too.

Aranes are the music architects of the Space Age; and we are here to deliver a product that is from another planet. We are creating a sound/style of music that hasn’t been heard before. Our music isn’t for everyone, it has been refined in the pot of creativity and made to function as a soundtrack to the lives of people like YOU.

Therefore my Continue reading

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