Tinchy Stryder – Is it me, or is the genre of Grime music making a successful comeback? Do you like Grime, or is not to your tastes?

The former "Prince" of Grime seems to now be the "King" of Grime

The former "Prince" of Grime seems to now be the "King" of Grime


Whether you love or hate the genre; Grime music seems to be making a successful comeback. From its early emergence in East London in the early 2000’s the Grime scene has seen some interesting changes throughout its development. Many people where skeptical about grime, and concluded that although it was an original genre, there was no money to be made from it, due to the lack of its inability to relate to the British public. However the past year has really seen the emergence of grime artists collaborating with pop artists which has resulted in a lot of grime artists making electronic dance tracks – for instance “I know” by Scorcher or “Superhero” by Wretch 32. Of course the most famed of these new flurry of artists is Kwasi Danquah A.K.A Tinchy Stryder. This month saw Tinchy Stryder gain his second number one song of the year which is a great achievement within the british music industry and shows that grime is slowly being accepted. Then again it could be argued that Stryder is a former grime artist that has now turned to Pop. Is such a statement justified?

What do you think?

And do you like Grime music? Or is it not to your tastes?


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